Port Lincoln Seafood Products

We are currently supplying seafood to more than 50 restaurants, hotels and clubs in our region, food service is a significant division of our company.

abalone in shell

Abalone Wild-caught, Aquaculture

Arrow Squid

Arrow Squid/Torpedo

blue swimmer crab cooked

Blue Swimmer Crab

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whole blue throat wrasse

Blue Throat Wrasse

boarfish fillets


whole calamari

Southern Calamari

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cooked whole crayfish

Crayfish/Rock Lobster

flathead fillet

Deep-sea Flathead

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garfish fillets

Southern Garfish

King George Whiting fillets

King George Whiting

kingfish fillets

Yellowtail Kingfish

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whole knifejaw

Knifejaw/Reef Snapper

Leather Jacket fillet

Leather Jacket

morwong fillets


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mussels in a bowl


Nannygai wholefish


pickled octopus on a plate

Coffin Bay Baby Octopus

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Oysters shucked on a plate

Coffin Bay Oysters


King Prawns

whole queen snapper

Queen Snapper

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whole red mullet

Red Mullet/Goatfish



whole sandcrab

Sand Crab

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sardine fillets


whole sweep

Sea Sweep

bronze shark fillets

Bronze Whaler

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gummy shark

Gummy Shark

flake fillets

School Shark

Silver Trevally whole

Silver Trevally

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Silver Whiting fillets

Silver Whiting/Yellowfin

snapper whole


whole snook/Pike


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tommy ruff fillets

Tommy Ruff

whole tuna

Bluefin Tuna

whole yellow eyed mullet

Yellow-Eyed Mullet

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SA Squid tubes

SA Squid tubes

SA Flake sliced portions

SA Flake/Gummy & School Shark 2-4oz & 4-6oz sliced portions

SA Bug tail meat

SA Bugs, tails & meat

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SA King Prawn cutlets peeled and de-veined

Spencer Gulf Peeled & de-veined King Prawn cutlets & meat

Cooked Crabs, Crayfish, Prawns and Bugs

Cooked Spencer Gulf Prawns, Crayfish/Rock Lobster & Blue Swimmer Crabs

Pickled Squid, Scallops, Octopus and Mussels

In-house pickled Squid, Scallops, Coffin Bay Octopus and Mussels

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Smoked fish, Squid, Mussels and Oysters

In-house smoked fish, Squid, Port Lincoln Mussels & Coffin Bay Oysters

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whole barramundi

NT Barramundi

whole atlantic salmon

Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon

whole trout

Tasmanian Ocean Trout

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cooked scallops in shell

Tasmanian King Scallop

mud crab cooked

QLD Mud Crabs

swordfish fillets

QLD Swordfish

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squid tubes

Squid Tubes

prawn meat

Prawn Meat

cooked scallops


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hake fillets boxed

Fish Fillets

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